Trauma, EMDR and post-covid illness


When life throws us an unexpected curveball, we deal with it in different ways. For some of us, our anxiety and stress increases. When the nature of the trauma feels closer to home, our rising stress levels become traumatic experiences. Although many people have heard of PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder – they may not be aware of exactly what it is and why they may be experiencing such unusual symptoms.


Traumatic Stress and PTSD usually refers to situations where we feel our very life is threatened. During the current pandemic, people may have suffered unexpected bereavement of a loved one, severe illness themselves or of someone close to them, constant stress and grief caused by the daily reminders of the enormity of the circumstances they find themselves in, such as hospital workers.


If the following symptoms last over one month, you may be suffering from PTSD: disturbed sleep, feelings of anxiety and depression, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, flashbacks and hypervigilance. If you already suffer from a mental health problem, such as anxiety or OCD, coupled with life experiences that you personally find difficult (bereavement, relationship break up, loss of income or friendships, unhappy childhood memories) you are more likely to develop PTSD.


EMDR has an excellent reputation for dealing with PTSD and grief.


Although ‘long covid’ is only now beginning to attract mainstream attention, this is something that many sufferers of ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome are familiar with. Since being diagnosed with ME/CFS in the 1980’s, Carole Wan has held an interest in it’s treatment. Now fully recovered, she has treated many clients over the years suffering from some of the same symptoms as we are now hearing about with post-Covid patients. Although research continues, we have developed treatment strategies that help many clients with ME/CFS and other complex disorders.


If you want to know more about any of the above, or would like to call/email us about treatment options, please contact us.

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