EMDR, Harry and Therapy: what is it about?


Since the news broke that Prince Harry had been receiving EMDR therapy, we have received many more enquiries. We hope the following information will be of help.


EMDR is not as new as you may think. It has been around for over 30 years and is used all over the world to help both individuals and groups deal with trauma and in now recognised by NICE as the go-to therapy for PTSD.


It can be incredibly effective for a number of conditions, including post traumatic stress, grief, anxiety, shame, panic, depression, negative childhood experiences, birth and hospital trauma and more. In fact, any psychological disorder that may be linked to current and past trauma as well as adverse childhood events may benefit from this therapy.


Two of the many positive things about EMDR are, first of all, the speed – problems can be resolved much more quickly than traditional talking therapy – and also the method. If the trauma is question is too overwhelming to talk about, its s stull possible to benefit from EMDR.


So how does it work?


When we experience a trauma of any kind, it is as if the event itself remains ‘stuck’ in our memory and remains unprocessed. Simply speaking, EMDR used the adaptive information processing system in order to safely confront these negative memories and process them. They will still be there, but they do not distress us in the same way.


Here at Life Solutions, we offer EMDR as a stand-alone treatment or alongside other psychotherapies, including CBT and Clinical Hypnosis.


Sessions last between 90-120 minutes.


Please contact us here for further information or to make an appointment


Carole first qualified as an EMDR clinician in 1996 and Alan in 2004

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